Welcome to our website This website is operated by Adast Ltd, company number 11273243, located in the United Kingdom at the address 83 Cowper Street, Hove, East Sussex. The agreement is entered between you (‘you’), and Adast Ltd (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘company’). By accessing this website, you confirm that you have read, fully understand and accept our policy outlined in this Agreement.

Legal age

Upon entering into this Agreement, you represent that you are of the legal age of license in your state, province, or jurisdiction of residence.


This website is presented by the domain and all the content on the related pages. We reserve the right to modify the content at any time at our sole discretion, without any notice. The content amended may include but is not limited to:
– the description of services and company information
– the description of the items presented on the website
– the pricing of the items
– company’s policies, including this Agreement


On our website we provide game keys, in particular the keys for Nintendo Switch, and serve all the requests users may have about the items offered (‘services’). The services are provided on the ‘as is’ basis. We do not guarantee that the services will fit your requests or live up to your expectations. Please read the description of the items you want to purchase carefully and contact the support service for clarifications before paying.


The purchase is considered completed when we send you a confirmation email stating it is accepted. We reserve the right to decline the purchase if we deem it necessary. In this case your card will not be charged, or we will reverse the transaction the soonest possible thus returning the money. We may decline the purchases if we believe the account violates our policies, due to technical issues, when there are issues with updating the pricing or the range of products available on time.


The items will be sent to your email address specified as the account email shortly after the purchase is completed. We cannot guarantee that our emails will not end in your spam or junk folders, so please check those if you do not see the email from us. In case you did not receive the items, contact the support team.


Purchases are normally non-refundable. Please see the p. ‘Services’. If you have bought the wrong item accidentally, we will do our best to assist with the exchange.


We may exchange the item for you as long as you compensate the outstanding cost (if needed). In case the new items costs less than the item bought, we will offer to leave it as a deposit to use for further purchases with us or refund it to you.


The website and the services may not be available in all territories and jurisdictions, and we may restrict or prohibit the use of all or part of the website and the services in certain territories and jurisdictions.

Personal information

You will be asked for certain personal information to submit in order to purchase items with us. This information may include your name, email address, phone number, home address, card details for us to process the payment.

We use this personal information for:
– processing your orders
– contacting you in connection with the orders
– assist you with technical issues and other requests related to your orders
– offer you bonuses, discounts, loyalty programs.
We also collect non-personal information, like your IP, device information, web pages accessed on our site, how long and when you visited certain pages of this website, which items you viewed and purchased etc. This information does not identify your personality. We may use it to:
– maintain this website
– offer your items you may also like based on your preferences
– gather website usage stats and analyze them for website improving.
We share your information only with our partners who require it for assisting us with certain part of the services we provide. For example, we partner with some third party services to keep the website running and fix technical problems, to process your payments, to collect and analyze the website stats and so on. These partners are obliged to follow our privacy practices when dealing with your information.
All the third party links on this website are provided for your convenience solely, and do not constitute an offer or endorsement. If you want to access these third party links, do it at your own risk.

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